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akiru_chan's Journal

| Idle Thoughts |

25 November 1987
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"Hey ya'll! Welcome to my little Page of LiveJournal. <3

Well I guess I better give a quick overview of myself. So without further ado I bring you my wondrous info. xD

Name - Ashley... but Akiru or Ash works just as well.
Age - 24 ((Nov. 25))
Location - Gutter...I never seem to be able to get my mind out of there.
All kidding aside, I reside in Texas. ♥
Likes - Music, writing, drawing, tomatoes, snakes, cats, dogs, everyone,
Slash, Misha Collins, and stuff...
Dislikes - Math, spiders, squash, the basic things...

That's about it... as you can tell I am just such an interesting person. *insert sarcasm*"
"Oh boy, lots is to be found here. lol.

Mainly you will find fics and writings that I post elsewhere and stuff that I will only post here. I will also post graphics such as icons, banners, and what ever else I end up dishing out.

Oh and lets not forget the little rants that will be sure to pop up concerning the happenings in manga/anime that I enjoy. You'll probably will even see some ramblings about real life ordeals. Those are so much fun.

!!Concerning my Doujinshi Scans!!

Do not share, post, or use my scans without my consent. If you want to use it for icons, profiles, banners, etc. then just ask.

Also try to support the individual Doujin Circles by buying their works if you are able.

Other than that, you might just be surprised what might show up here. ^_^ "

○ Supernatural
○ Doctor Who
○ Sherlock
○ Merlin
○ Kuroshitsuji
○ Naruto
○ Game of Thrones
○ Ao no Exorcist


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