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23 August 2011 @ 10:55 am
[fic] The Devil's Canvas [chapter Forty-Five] (part two)  
Title: The Devil's Canvas

Chapter: 45 (part two)/?

Authors: Akiru chan & Disgruntled Minion

Pairing/Characters:  Sebastian/Ciel

Rating: M

Ciel's skin was marred with ink and
blood, telling tales twisted in darkness.
What an evil path the devil walks, tainted hands
staining the innocent canvas. For the most
beautiful art is painted in blood.

Warnings: Violence, adult content, yaoi, and language

Part Two

Claude glanced at his watch before another cylinder pipe was handed to him. It was carefully set in the bag on top of the others before the bag was zipped up and Claude stood up. “That should do it. Provided they don’t drop the bag, everything should be good. I don’t foresee them going off on accident.”

That wasn’t something Ciel was fond to think too far into. To be killed before getting to Sebastian seemed pointless and stupid. He couldn’t allow that to happen. “So how many am I going to have to work with?” He asked as he eyed several already made bombs.

“Twelve,” Claude answered. “Five for the outside and seven for the inside. There’s a mix of smoke bombs to help cover your retreat, a few that’ll cause fire damage, and there’s one that’ll make a lot of noise. Use that one wisely, as it’ll alert your presence to the whole building, but it’ll allow the quieter bombs to go off without the enemy knowing.”

Ciel nodded and began to shift through the bombs in the small bag that he would be carrying with him. As soon as Finny returned with the ring, they would have to make their escape. It would only be a matter of time before something went wrong that would halt their progression. Nothing ever seemed to go right for too long, so the quicker they left, the better.

“Would you like me to check in as soon as we get into position?” Ciel asked absent minded, not really knowing why he felt prompted to. Perhaps he needed one last pep talk, or Ciel was merely thinking of what Claude might want. It really didn’t matter in the end so he returned to his examining.

“It’ll help us,” Claude stated. “If we know that you’ve arrived, we can start to guess how long everything is going to take and how much time we’ll have to stall for. It’ll be best if you have Mey-rin inform us once you’ve gone inside the building as well. She’ll know how to convey a short message in order to get the point across.”

“Roger that.” And Ciel gave a short salute. There was no telling how long this mission would take, but Ciel hoped that he could get Sebastian out within the hour of his entrance into the building. It might be too much to ask for, but he had hope.

Claude glanced at his watch again before turning to look at Alois, who was sitting on the bed. The dark hair looked out of place on the blond and Claude frowned at it, wanting nothing more than for Alois to drop the disguise. He didn’t like it that Alois looked so much like Ciel. “You look horrible,” he stated, hoping to convey some of his disgust in a healthy way instead of letting it stay bottled up.

“Well excuse me. I think he looks rather dashing,” Ciel quipped from his spot on the floor.

“No,” Claude stated quickly. “He looks much better with blond hair. It’s fluffier than yours and is probably softer.”

“Is not!” Ciel found himself with the mental image of Sebastian running his hands through Ciel’s hair. It was something the man did often. Soon his mind supplied him with Sebastian’s rich baritone as he said, ‘Ciel’s hair is as soft as a kittens’. Ciel found himself frowning at the thought, but it soon morphed into an amused smile despite himself. “My hair is like a kitten’s coat,” he announced, feeling proud even if he sounded like a child.

Claude stared at Ciel, unsure how to take the statement. “I think Sebastian is rubbing off on you,” he finally stated. “You’re starting to think on a cat level about everything. Maybe we shouldn’t bring him back in order to save you now. Once you start on the cat path, you never go back.”

“Perhaps you’re right?” Ciel pondered, looking off to the side in thought. “I don’t suppose saying it’s as soft as a puppy’s coat is any better?”

“Dear lord, would you two just shut up?” Alois snapped from the bed. “The real competition isn’t how soft our hair is. It’s who can go the longest without cumming as our boyfriends fuck us long and hard. And you know I’d win,” he stated, tossing a smug look in Ciel’s direction.

A blush dusted Ciel’s cheeks. “I hardly think boyfriend is an adequate term for me at this point, nor do I think your childish competition is relevant at this point. Besides, there is no real contest between who can hold out on cumming the longest. Sebastian and I would be sure to win.” Blue eyes stayed steadily to the right, not making contact with Claude or Alois. Ciel wasn’t one to be embarrassed, but that didn’t make it any less awkward to be talking about such things with these men.

Claude grumbled and ran a hand over his face. “Enough,” he stated and looked out the window. Their joking could only go on for so long before the time came to be serious. This was a dangerous mission for all of them and they couldn’t go in with smiles on their faces. “It’s time to focus. Finny should be here soon, and you two will leave right after that. He knows all the back routes through the gardens and woods to get to the meeting place with Mey-rin. From there, it’ll be up to those two to get you into position and then it’ll be up to you to bring Sebastian back.”

Sobering up, Ciel turned to regard Claude. He gave a stiff nod. “I’ll bring him back. You can count on that,” he said, but deep down he felt the stirrings of doubt.

“Good,” Claude stated and glanced at his watch one more time. Finny was a minute late, and he looked towards the door, willing it to open soon. “Alois, get into position now. As soon as Finny gets here, he’s leaving with Ciel and we’re not going to waste any time.”

Ciel was beginning to feel nervous. Soon everything would be put into motion and he would be running through the woods with only Sebastian on his mind. He couldn't allow himself to think of where his own fate may lead him by the end of the night. No, the only thing that mattered was Sebastian's life.  

"He's late," Ciel said as he looked to the clock.

“Just a little,” Claude said. Silence settled around the room and Claude strained his ears for any signs that someone was coming. Alois was already in position and Ciel was out of sight in case someone came in. He tensed as soft footsteps fell outside on the carpet and Claude waved a hand, making sure that the younger males were ready. The door cracked open and Finny slipped in carefully, making Claude sigh with relief. “Did you get it?”

Finny nodded and pulled out the box. “It took a little longer than I thought, but the safe is closed back up so Tanaka shouldn’t suspect a thing unless he looks in the safe himself.” He looked towards Ciel. “Lets go. The mansion is quiet now and we won’t get another opening if we wait for much longer.”

The room burst into a frenzy of movement. Ciel grabbed for his bags and pocketed the ring as Finny held it out to him. His heart beat fast, too fast, and it felt as if it were in his throat, but he ignored it. Alois watched him and it was eerie to see his likeness in the other man.

“Get back soon. I don’t want to play you any longer then I have to,” Alois said in parting. Ciel could only nod. He did not trust himself to speak at the moment.

Claude held the door open for them and Finny glanced down the hallways before gesturing for Ciel to follow. Mey-rin was already waiting for them, and if they could make it to the gardens, then they would be able to reach her without a problem.

Finny pointed down a side hall that led to the pool room and moved forward cautiously. The hallway was silent, but they couldn’t take any chances. If anyone saw them getting into the chute, they would be apprehended before they could even leave the mansion. He stopped in front of a wooden panel and slid his fingers over the seam before his nails dug into the wood.

With a small grunt, he pulled it away from the wall, revealing a hollowed section. “You go first,” Finny whispered. “Stand on the platform and lower yourself down to the bottom level. It’ll take you to the old kitchen. It’s a storage room now, but no one will be in at this time of night. I’ll meet you down there.”

Ciel nodded and quickly clambered in. His leg pulled in at a painful angle causing his body to twist uncomfortably in the tight space. There wasn’t much that could be done at the moment, and he quickly lowered himself. It seemed to take forever, the squeak of the pulley against old rope sounded far too loud. Ciel was sure someone could hear it leaking from the walls.

The thunk of hitting bottom jostled Ciel but he wasted no time in kicking out the panel and slipping out. Luckily, the wooden board fell onto packed boxes that helped to muffle its collision. The room was indeed empty, and Ciel allowed himself a few moments of calm as he waited for Finny.

He fingered the ring box in his pocket, it’s presence feeling heavy and unwanted. The thought that something once precious had turned so ugly was unsettling. Memories that had once been happy seemed tarnished, and Ciel felt the need to caress them until they shone with the same radiance. It seemed improbable, not with the misfortune that the ring had ended up bringing them. Ciel withdrew his fingers quickly and severed his last ties to the item, seeing it as nothing more than an object that had never meant anything to him. It was easier that way.

There was a small knock on the door before Finny poked his head inside. His eyes fell on Ciel instantly and he jerked his head, signalling Ciel to follow. The kitchen was at the back of the mansion so that food delivery was easy and didn’t disrupt the actions going on inside the house. It also was separated by a long corridor, that made the kitchen almost separate from the mansion in case someone decided to break in through the back door. They’d have a harder time getting into the mansion without being detected due to the long hallway and its position in the mansion.

Finny shut the door silently behind Ciel and moved off to the right side of the kitchen. The mud room was the only thing that separated them from the back door and Finny led Ciel into the room. A door slammed on the opposite end of the kitchen and Finny tensed, his head whipping around. The bag holding the bombs was pushed into Ciel’s hands and Finny moved away from the door, heading towards a nearby drawer.

Every muscle in Ciel’s body was tensed as he hid himself into a corner of the mud room. He listened with bated breath as Finny left his sight. They couldn’t get caught now, not when they hadn’t even gotten past the mansion walls. If they failed now, then they would have no chance. Tanaka would be sure to keep Ciel within his room, even if it meant chained and locked.

Footsteps came closer and Finny looked up as Ron came into view. He offered a small smile to the other male before looking down at the drawer he had opened. “Sorry, I’ll be out of here in a few moments,” he muttered. “I just wanted to find the scissors. The roses will be in bloom soon and the white ones were always Mr. Sebastian’s favorite,” he trailed off.

Ron winced slightly. “You shouldn’t be thinking like that, especially so late at night.” He rubbed his arm as Finny pulled out the scissors and set them on the counter. “You never know what might happen. But for what you’re going through, you have my deepest condolences. Sebastian was a good man.”

Finny shook his head. “I have an idea of what will happen and it’s keeping me up. The garden is the only place for me to think and since it’s so late, no one will bother me,” he stated and tried to smile.

“Then I won’t stop you,” Ron said and moved away from the younger male. “I’m just going to get some crackers and then I’ll leave you alone to do your thing.”

“Thanks,” Finny said, sorrow coating his words.

Ronald nodded and reached up into a cabinet for a box of crackers before turning back to Finny. He offered a forced smile and another nod of his head before moving towards the door. “I hope you find what you’re looking for out there,” he said, pausing at the double doors.

“Hopefully,” Finny answered and gave a small salute with the scissors. The doors shut behind Ronald and Finny let out a sigh of relief before pocketing the scissors. If someone came back and discovered they were still there, it would rouse suspicion. He hurried back to the mud room and shut the door behind him. “Let’s go,” he said quickly.  

Ciel chanced a glance back into the main storage space and quickly followed after Finny when he saw that everything was clear. The night air hit him with all its humid might and Ciel breathed all the harder to fill his lungs. It was far too hot, it seemed, or perhaps it was just the burning of Ciel’s blood rushing through his veins and to his pumping heart.

Their pace slowed once they hit the garden, walls of foliage and blooms, soon to be flowers, hid their progress. Hyacinths brushed against Ciel’s arm as he turned a corner too sharply, calling out as his foot hit stone and he tumbled forward.

“I’m fine,” he called Finny off as the man came rushing over. “I just tripped.” Ciel pulled himself up, feeling all the more anxious, and started moving forward with doubled haste.

Finny still glanced over him as they continued jogging through the garden. If Ciel was limping at all, it could cause trouble for them. But the younger male seemed to be fine and Finny didn’t say anything further as they neared the back part of the garden. “There’s a gate back here that leads to the garden, but it’s set on a silent alarm. If it’s ever opened, Tanaka will know. We’re going to have to jump the fence.” Finny looked over Ciel again. “There’s a steep ditch that’s close to the wall. Makes it hard to get in and out of the mansion. Be careful when you drop to the ground. I’ll help you, but it will still hurt in your condition.”

The thought of making the jump did not settle well with Ciel but he nodded, determined to get through this no matter the cost. Even if he broke his ankle, he’d still try to hobble in after Sebastian. The idea was laughable and would only end in tragedy. It brought a dry laugh up his throat. “Should we lower our packs down first?” He asked, not sure if he wanted to chance jumping while holding onto something.

Finny nodded. “I’ll pass them up to you and you’ll have to lower the packs down. Claude already tied ropes onto the handles so we wouldn’t waste time doing it ourselves.” He laced his fingers together to form a cup and leaned over so Ciel could step into his hands. “Once you’re up and settled, I’ll pass the bags to you.”

Ciel’s foot pressed down into Finny’s hands, and he was hoisted up and onto the top of the fence. The view looking down showed the ground to be farther than Ciel had expected. Trying not to think about it, Ciel turned around to grab at the bags that were being held up to him. He took each one carefully, not knowing what would happen if he dropped one of the bombs, let alone a whole bag of them.

The ropes were tied tightly. Claude had done a good job, but Ciel still double checked them. With ease and slow movements, he began to lower them, making sure to keep them to the side of where he planned to land. The first bag hit the ground with little sound or problems, the second coming down at a quicker pace but landing all the softer.  

That had been easy. It was the easy part. There was no threat of broken bones or death, unless a bomb went off, but that was no longer on Ciel’s mind. The worry of his own descent weighed him down heavily as he looked at the far away ground. He swallowed thickly and tried to think back to the instructions Sebastian had once given him. It seemed like such a long time ago, but hearing Sebastian’s voice, even if just in his head, seemed to settle his nerves just a bit.

Keeping what he had been told in mind, Ciel jumped and landed as Sebastian had told him. It stung and he gritted his teeth, but no bones seemed to be broken. Dirt was brushed off, but it was more out of habit than any need to be clean. Ciel looked up a moment later to see Finny peering down at him with a smile.

“I made it down in one piece,” Ciel declared, seeming proud of himself.

“You did,” Finny said with a smile. “My turn to get down.” He turned his body around and wiggled a bit until his stomach pressed against the top of the wall. Fingers gripped the wall and Finny lowered himself down until he could let go. His feet hit the ground and knees bent automatically to help cushion the fall while his body rolled with the momentum.

He stood up and shook his head to shake off the fall before turning to Ciel with a nod. The woods were hard to navigate, especially at night, and they couldn’t afford to get lost. “Stay close,” Finny muttered and started to jog forward.

Ciel had no trouble following that request. The forest was dark and unfamiliar. Ghoulish shadows seemed to morph out of every black space, causing every crack of twig and owl hoot to seem like a danger unfolding from the night. His mind was racing, imagination taking hold. Every noise could be someone coming after them, the means to their end and the end of Sebastian. Ciel pushed on, and kept such thoughts from his mind.

Finny moved in an arc, always pushing to the east where Mey-rin was waiting on a nearby side road. It would’ve been easier to move straight, but they were easier to track that way and once they found the starting point, it wouldn’t take them long to follow their path.

He waved Ciel closer and let out a low bird call. It was silent for a few seconds before another call answered back, three short notes, and Finny smiled. “That’s Mey-rin. She’s ready and in position.”

Almost there, just a little further, Ciel told himself. But every step made him all the more anxious. He was literally jumping out of the pot and into the flames. There was no way that he was not getting burned tonight. So many uncertainties seemed to be engulfing him, but one thing for sure seemed to be certain. Ciel forced himself to believe it because it was the most probable fate that he would have. Sebastian would be saved and he would live. And Ciel... Ciel would... Well, perhaps now was not the time to think about it.

“How much farther?” Ciel asked suddenly, stopping his own train of thoughts.

“We’re here,” Finny answered, ducking under a low tree branch. Mey-rin’s car came into view, it’s outline only visible because Finny knew where to look. To anyone else passing through, the car would’ve almost been invisible due to its dark color.

The car door opened and Mey-rin stepped out, a rifle already in her hands. She nodded to them both and patted the roof of the car. “Let’s go. We have a long drive ahead of us and no one is going to wait for us to get there. The longer we take, the smaller window we’re going to have.” She looked at Ciel, her eyes hard and ready. “Are you ready? Once you get in, there’s no backing out.”

Seeing Mey-rin, gun in hand, seemed odd almost. This was the soft spoken and accident prone woman who worked the front desk of Sebastian’s parlor for as long as Ciel had been frequenting the place. The weapon looked almost out of place, but Ciel could see with how she held it that Mey-rin felt at home with the gun.

“I can’t back out,” Ciel finally said and got into the car. He wouldn’t be turning back now.

“Good,” she answered and slipped inside the car without another word. The doors shut silently and the car purred as Mey-rin started forward. There was no backing down now. They would either come back with Sebastian or not come back at all. It was one final gamble and they were all in. The only question now, was whether or not their enemies would allow them one last move. It wasn’t the most ideal plan and they were pushed into a corner with their hands tied behind their back. But there was always a saying about those who were forced into a corner.

They fought and overcame great obstacles in order to win.

To Be Continued . . .

Love Through Sorrownonnally on August 23rd, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC)
*passed out* Nyygh

You know, I have to say your pacing is always excellent. You have me so invested in this story that if I had found it complete I probably would have stayed up for as long as it took to read it (I typically search around for things to read at night).

So seriously, I'm dyin here. I know it's your pacing and had I found this when you'd gotten past this arc and read it all in one sitting I'd be rolling around purring like a cat who just ate all the cream, but I didn't and I have to wait and now I'm just going to meow at you like a cat who gets it's cream one teaspoon at a time.


akiru_chan: SebCielakiru_chan on August 30th, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
LOL xD I'm just replying to you everywhere. 8D Although I can't say I mind! <3

It's pure torture isn't it? I hate having to wait for a fic that I love to update, especially if it updates like once a month. I really wish I could post chapters right after another, but then we'd reach the end of this fic far too soon. D8

We already are quite close to the end... although me and DM are having a hard time trying to end it. lol. It's hard to bring something you've been working on for almost a year to an end. It'll be sad to see it go...

But then comes the SebastianClaude prequel to everything! That will be fun! lmao.

crayola_hyzcrayola_hyz on August 23rd, 2011 05:47 pm (UTC)

Man these last few chapters have been so intense! I'm really really hoping that everything works out and Sebastian is alive and they make it back...

"Once you start on the cat path, you never go back." Hahaha that line cracked me up =)
akiru_chan: WetShirtSebakiru_chan on August 30th, 2011 06:23 pm (UTC)
I fear that they only get more intense before it all comes to an end. D8 This arc is really spread out it seems. We never really imagined that so much would end up happening to lead it it being around ten chapters long in it's whole. lol.

But soon we shall see how everything turns out. I'm so excited for it!! 8D

cecille: ciel inlovehighprofilelove on August 24th, 2011 10:49 am (UTC)
Pfft - Claude ♥
Finny and Mei-rin in action would be totally exciting! And Tanaka was so scary here - in a good way tho :( I never imagined him getting so infuriated like that. I hope their plan won't backfire (of course it won't, hahaha XD)!

Thank you for another great chapter! ♥
akiru_chan: CielChairakiru_chan on August 30th, 2011 06:16 pm (UTC)
Tanaka was so much fun to write with him that made!! Hell I was getting intimidated by him. lmao xD DM did a good job I think.

And can I just say I adore your icon? 8D I love it when Ciel gets all embarrassed around Lizzy. It's just so cute!!! <3

cecille: ciel inlovehighprofilelove on August 31st, 2011 11:55 am (UTC)
I like how the two of you collaborated for this ;_; It's a real conversation and I get really immersed in their reactions. Kudos to DM for creating such a BAMF out of Tanaka !

When I saw this in an icon post I knew I had to use it in some way ♥ Yana gives him the best reactions when they're together ♥